Injury is part of life.  Rapid and complete healing enhances maximal enjoyment of life.


Arnica is the classic homeopathic remedy for trauma.  Arnica in various dilutions or potencies stops bruising and the extending damage of trauma or stroke, allows nutrients to diffuse and encourages activity of healing white blood cells.


Chinese Tien Qi root (Panax Pseudo-Ginseng) in a raw fine powdered form is carried by most Asian soldiers as standard military issue. It is carried in a small bottle for pouring into an open wound or for taking internally if necessary. It has an amazing ability to "re-direct" blood from an open wound and even helps push or "float" metal objects to the surface. It can literally help stop bleeding without necessarily clotting.  However, it can aid in clotting if it is necessary. Chinese say it "disciplines the blood"; also when taken internally, it can really speed up the healing time of wounds, broken bones or most any tissue damage.  About ¼ to ½ teaspoon of the powder dissolved in hot water or tea is taken 2-3 times a day for internal use.


Sleep is the healer.  Most growth and repair occurs during low stress sleeping hours.  Seeing sunrises and sunsets helps set the body clocks for effective sleep.  Get outdoors.  See natural light with uncovered eyes near sunrise and before sunset.  Get an hour of noontime sun unless you are very fair.  Modern man gets only three percent of the natural light of the caveman.  We actually need the sun’s ultraviolet rays striking our naked eyes to trigger body protective mechanisms.  Sunshine is better than vitamin D supplementation and improves every physiological parameter that exercise does.


Sunburn is a failed oxidative stress test, suggesting glutathione exhaustion that can be restored with chicken soup with garlic, or curries, vegetables, cold processed whey, yogurt as well as antioxidant vitamins and minerals. Try to ignore the stresses of electric light when you need to heal quickly or balance cellular and humoral immunity to recover from disease.  “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”  Best nap time is 2-3:30PM.


Breakfast near first light is really important.  The body will eat breakfast.  Without sustainable food in the gut to start the first major repair tide of the day, the body goes into catabolic stress mode, slowing healing, eating its own structural tissues and preserving weak flab.  Poached or soft boiled eggs are anabolic.  Soaked seeds and nuts can be blended into nut milk shakes, sometimes with yogurt or kefir.  Cooked grains are even more nutritious if previously soaked overnight.  Have dinner for breakfast.


Simple sugar puts cellular immunity to sleep.  Normally one white blood cell gobbler can eat thirteen bacteria before exploding and becoming pus.  Forty-five minutes after fifty grams of sugar, one phagocyte can gobble only six bacteria.  A cookie eaten with a sugar soda pop contains fifty grams of sugar, enough to reduce cellular immunity effectiveness more than half.


Forty-five minutes after one hundred grams of simple sugar, white blood cells are so disabled and sluggish they can gobble only one germ.  Pineapple juice with pecan pie quickly adds up to one hundred grams of sugar.  Sugar or honey is a perfect dressing for a wound topically.  However, significant sugar systemically disables cellular immunity. When cellular immunity is disabled, the body turns on inflammatory humoral immunity (displaying sensitivities, allergies, extra mucus, hives, hay fever and even asthma).


Dried breakfast cereals are much more dangerous and ‘sweeter’ than sugar because toasted sugar molecules are deformed, sending messages of alarm to our genes, creating changes in gene expression that increase inflammation, raise blood sugar and slow healing.  White and whole wheat bread as well as water biscuits or plain crackers are functional sugar, just as are honey, maple syrup, corn syrup or cornstarch.  White potatoes, mashed or dry baked, are sugar. French-fries and fried chips are metabolically much worse than sugar.  Dried fruits are sticky sugar.  Puffed rice and rice cakes are sweeter than sugar.  Rice milk is high in sugar.  Raw onions and carrots are excellent foods, but cooked they release their sugar too quickly.  Cooked beets, parsnips, winter squashes (butternut, buttercup and acorn) can create sugar stress.  It is best to avoid or dilute all commercial juices.  Eat smaller fruits and berries whole.


Organic leafy greens, animal proteins and fats create very low sugar stress.  White and brown rice are better first soaked overnight, and then cooked.  Sticky rice releases sugar most slowly.  New white potatoes boiled and then sautéed in butter or olive oil are low stress.  Sweet potatoes have slow release.  Cold potato salad or cold apple pie will release sugar slowly (with cinnamon, even more slowly).  To blunt sugar-stress effect, combine sweets, starches or refined foods with fiber, fats, greens or animal protein.  Whole fruits are best.  When juicing, combine sweet tubers with leafy greens.  Beans have low glycemic index, but beans are powerful potential allergens.  Blood type diet indicates your most immune compatible beans (and most immune stressful). 


Soak all modern, stored raw beans, seeds, nuts and grains overnight first to eliminate mutagenic, carcinogenic and neurotoxic mold aflatoxins.  Soaking also hydrolyzes and disarms mineral-binding phytic acid as well as naturally present enzyme inhibitors which compete with our own over worked pancreatic enzymes.  Soaking and rinsing allows germination with ‘life force’ production of essential amino acids as well as creation of explosive growth of nucleotides with ‘abundance’ messenger RNA communication to our DNA for optimal gene-driven growth and repair.


Significant caloric snacks in the two hours before sleep shuts down nighttime repair and growth.  The sugar rise releases serotonin and temporarily makes us feel optimistic.  But the resultant drop in blood sugar later during sleep creates inappropriate nighttime release of stress hormones that slows repair, diminishes immunity and disconnects the wiring of our brains.


We know that refined foods like candy, ice cream and alcohol create metabolic catabolic stress, with resultant loss of structure, water and minerals.  Water and the proteins, carbohydrates and minerals necessary to hold electromagnetically organized water in the cell are keys to healing.  A plump cell is anabolic and repairing.  A dehydrated cell is stressed and catabolic.  Green vegetables with their juices help cells hydrate most efficiently. 


            A plump cell can bounce, build and repair.  A dehydrated cell is rigid, stressed, catabolic, and open to invasion.  The following diuretics cause mineral loss!


                        Distilled water (best for cleansing and for making teas)

                        Coffee and teas with meals (reduces mineral absorption 40-80%)

                        Sodas (body dissolves bones & teeth to buffer phosphoric acid)

                        Alcohol (triggers reflux and aggressive alkaline bicarbonate response)



                        Excessive urination (due to herbal or prescribed diuretics)

                        High animal protein diet (more than 100 grams per day)

                        High simple sugars at once

                        Megadose vitamin C (take buffered form with minerals)

                        Sweating (infrared sauna more gently removes heavy metals)


            If there are shortages of calcium, magnesium, ATP, creatine phosphate or water, potassium leaks from its preferential adsorption sites.  Dehydration diminishes the electrical charge of the cell and triggers the excitable catabolic state.  Cells with lowered energy of electrical potential become more easily triggered, more irritable.  Optimal magnesium intake requires consumption of four fistfuls per day of deep green vegetables.  About 400 mg of magnesium is required for daily energy release requirements.  Beside lack of magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, essential fatty acids, coenzyme Q10, carnitine, lipoic acid, niacin, riboflavin or biotin, there are many other potential problems in the production of ATP.


            Taking large amounts of single mineral supplements can be unbalancing.  Taking a daily dose of minerals all at once is not nearly as beneficial as small frequent doses of multi‑minerals taken with water throughout the day!  Multi-mineral supplements twice per day can make all the calming difference.


            Vitamin C is the premier proven healer.  Ever wondered why cats and dogs heal faster than we do?  Most animals make their own vitamin C.  Man and the monkeys, the guinea pig and a fruit bat in Africa share a common birth defect.  We have all lost the fourth liver enzyme necessary to make vitamin C from sugar.  Both the animals and us still crave sugar when stressed, but paradoxically, sugar disables our immunity.  We depend on dietary vitamin C and onboard commensal yeast to make vitamin C to help recycle glutathione, primates’ primary and more highly evolved antioxidant system.  In the history of man, more death, discomfort and susceptibility to disease have been caused by scurvy (outright lack of vitamin C allowing glutathione exhaustion) than any infectious disease.


            Vitamin C doubles the speed of healing for most injuries at 1,000mg (or one gram) of vitamin C (optimally in timed-release form) morning and evening.  For children to be ‘as strong as the animals,’ a safe dose of vitamin C is up to 100mg per month of life.  By the time a child is two years old, two grams of vitamin C in divided doses is not excessive.  To effectively manage pain, use vitamin C at triple the dose for risky, side-effect laden aspirin or acetaminophen, along with fermented garlic and high dose natural vitamin E as well as krill oil, cod liver oil or cold water fish oils.  As potentiating alternatives to garlic, ginger, curry, Hawthorne, pine bark or grape pip extracts, milk thistle or boswelia also relieve pain and speed healing. 


            Pancreatic enzymes are a time-honored natural remedy for inflammation (spasm, swelling, pain and loss of function).  Enzymes stop the process of swelling and bruising after injury or surgery.  Whether these RNA enzymes are produced by our body, or come out of a bottle they have anti-inflammatory effects.  When most food was uncooked, natural diet supplied enzymes.  Raw pineapple, papaya, figs, mango and kiwi are especially rich food sources.  Juicing supplies many enzymes as well as energy-rich nucleotides.  Soak and rinse seeds (pumpkin, flax, chia or sesame) overnight before eating.  Create and eat the finest living food, rich in mRNA messaging of abundance.  The embryonic pregnant seed is an ideal fat-protein-enzyme energy source.


            Intenzymes* (Wobenzyme) or Metagenic’s Spectrazyme*** or Metazyme*** mimic complex protein RNA molecules produced by our own pancreas and more.  A good mix might contain: bromelain (25-45mg), chymotrypsin (.5-1mg), pancreatin (100mg), papain (25-60mg) and trypsin (24mg).   Production of these enzymes requires many intricate metabolic processes.   When stress is high, energy is low or fatigue is present, these processes are compromised. The gut has sites that reclaim our own, or extract similar plant or animal enzymes from the raw diet.  Cooking deforms natural enzymes. Morning coated tongue indicates enzyme insufficiency or low thyroid hormone function. *Biotic's proprietary product.  **Tyler's proprietary products Similase or Traumagesic.  ***Metagenic’s proprietary products.


            Enzymes are effective against most "itis's" including periodontitis, arthritis, sinusitis, cystitis, prostatitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, as well as pneumonia or asthma, allergies, miscarriages or pelvic inflammatory disease or painful, swollen, lumpy breasts.  Enzymes help break down the wall of an infection allowing increased penetration of antibiotics.  The healing process of abscesses and fistulas, boils, carbuncles, hematomas and bruises is shorter, with or without antibiotics.  Enzymes release tumor necrosis factor, making them an important treatment for viruses and hard tumors.


            Taken with food, two or three enzyme tablets aid digestion, help cleanse the colon and reduce risk to diabetes.  Allergenic potential of foods is reduced, but only mild anti-inflammatory effect is felt in the rest of the body.


When enzymes are taken in quantity on an empty stomach (as before meals), significant systemic anti-inflammatory and mood enhancing effects are felt.  The walls of arteries and veins become cleaner and more slippery.  Skin conditions improve.  The blood becomes more fluid; and the articulating surfaces of joints become less sticky.  Sprained stiff joints become more mobile.  Antigen-antibody complexes are broken down, reducing allergenic response.  Swelling and pain is reduced.  Bruises disappear.  Insomnia and depression disperses.  A typical dose of enzymes might range from 2 to 10 tablets, depending on body size and severity of the injury. The first dose of the day might be upon awakening, with the second dose somewhere between lunch and dinner, the last dose before bed - or even if briefly awake in the middle of the night.


Acetyl l-carnitine (ALC) has been shown to increase nerve growth factor activity as much as 100-fold.  ALC increases the number of nerve growth factor receptor sites on brain cells, thereby enhancing the rate of neurite outgrowth.  A related compound, acetyl carnitine arginate, works synergistically by mimicking the action of nerve growth factor itself.  Such natural nerve growth repair factors are also found in extracts of hops and white turmeric.

Lipoic acid and NAC (n-acetyl-cysteine) both speed nerve repair and help recycle glutathione, restoring cellular immunity.  Both can bind to or chelate and move about previously bound onboard heavy metals, creating symptoms of heavy metal toxicity.  With lipoic acid, start at 100mg per day and work up to 600mg per day if there are no headaches, rashes or brain fog (due to heavy metal redistribution).  With NAC, one might start at 100mg and work up to 1000mg daily in divided doses.

Pregnenelone is effective at helping memory and promotes nerve repair. Uridine has been shown to regrow axons and dendrites during growth and development stages, as well as in older animals. Uridine has also been shown to improve cognitive function.

Gotu kola contains several active principals called asiaticosides.  These speed healing, improve cognition in older animals while stimulating axon-dendrite growth and out branching in key areas of the brain.  Gotu kola has been used for centuries as an adaptogen and brain tonic in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.

Gingko biloba has been shown to reduce the free radical oxidative stress produced by the presence of senile plaque in older brains. It is also able to improve undesirable structural changes to neurites caused by the presence of senile plaque. Gingko is a well-known promoter of peripheral blood circulation in the brain.  Natural Source International’s golden leaf gingko has been shown to stop and reduce fibrosis, a common associated result of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery or traumatic injury.


Low body temperature usually means too few calories consumed, no exercise at all or a poisoned thyroid.  Chronic virus due to depressed cellular immunity (due to weak breakfasts or poor sleep) can also depress body temperature.  Check your temperature.  Make sure it reaches near 98.6 degrees late in the afternoon for optimal healing.  Use hot teas and soups and avoid iced water. When we are sick, each degree above normal doubles the activity of the cellular immune system.  When too cool, seek sunshine, use warming teas and soups and wrap your neck with a scarf.  One to three tablespoonfuls of organic coconut oil daily or yellow CLA-containing butter of ruminants fed on springtime grass can often help turn on a metabolism.


            Slow metabolism allows coated tongue, diminished immunity, increased dental plaque, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, apathy, poor wound healing, compromised digestion, constipation, brittle nails, poor skin, coarse dry hair, weak bones and flabby muscles.  Anemias with low bone marrow or stem cell regenerative capacity can be enhanced at the RNA level with Beljanski’s RealBuild, available from Natural Source International, Ltd (888-308-7066).


            The key raw materials for thyroid function are the amino acid tyrosine and the minerals iodine, zinc, copper, chromium and selenium.  Lack of any of these interferes with the production of thyroid hormone or the efficiency of its receptor.  There is a zinc taste test.  A bitter taste suggests zinc adequacy, and a pleasant or barely discernable taste indicates a need for zinc.  There is a self-test for iodine.  Simply paint a 2% tincture of iodine (available at drugstore or supermarket) the size of a silver dollar on forearm, tummy or thigh.  If a smudge of the stain lasts a full 24 hours, iodine levels are adequate.  Bodies thirsty for iodine will suck it up quickly, making the tattoo disappear.  Keep applying (or supplementing) iodine until the stain lasts a full 24 hours.


            Vitamins A and D with essential fatty acids are required for healing and they reduce pain.  Cod liver oil is one of the most convenient combinations unless you like seaweed, sardines and mackerel.  Much exaggeration has been made about the potential toxicity of vitamin A.  Turns out that vitamins A and D compete, as do vitamins A and E.  Most folks do not get enough vitamin D.  Aim for 2,000-5,000 IU vitamin D supplementation.


 Keep doses of synthetic vitamin A below 10,000 IU if pregnant or on the birth control pill.  If you are old enough to read this article and have poor night vision, doses of 50,000-100,000 IU of vitamin A are encouraged for a couple of weeks.  That is in five to ten tablespoonfuls of cod liver oil per day.  Aim for a tablespoonful or two per day of cold water fish oils for regular supplementation.  Adding 400-1200 IU (some benefit from even more, up to 3,500 IU) of vitamin E (the best ‘pain pill’) which balances vitamins A and D.  Vitamin E reduces potential toxicity from vitamin C and reduces pain and scarring.  Beta-carotene is a wonderful nutrient, but it must be oxidized and split to form vitamin A, a sluggish process if the thyroid is weak.  Vitamin Ks balance the higher doses of vitamin D currently recommended, keeping the calcium in the bones.  Vitamin K helps clear calcified arteries and reduces tartar formation on the teeth.


            Colostrum, first mother's milk of mammals, is now commercially available in a stabilized liquid from cows as Cytolog from Allergy Research Group.  Only small amounts of colostrum information peptides are needed orally, sniffed or inhaled two to five times per day to markedly enhance healing.  Topical application in liquids or sprays really speeds healing of surface wounds.  A happy tummy really speeds healing.  Oral colostrum repairs cellular immunity and enhances repair of a sick gut and important inner barrier, providing quick effective relief for diarrhea.


A major mountain-biking helmet-face plant crash on jagged coral rock provided the kind of facial scrapes that typically take a month to heal.  My 45 year old patient’s scabs fell cleanly off one week later, after taking vitamin C at 1,000mg twice per day, 35-40 enzyme tablets in daily divided doses before meals and having liquid colostrum sprayed on the wound as well as inhaled several times per day. 

            Probiotics include beneficial bacteria and yeasts and the dietary fibers that support their life.  If you are allergic or hypersensitive, you can teach your immune system tolerance by regularly flooding dendritic receptor cells of the gastrointestinal tract and nasopharyngeal tissues with mists of colostrum and of friendly bacteria (as well as regularly ingesting them).  Messenger molecules from the cell walls of beneficial bacteria and yeasts teach the immune system tolerance, communicating through white blood cell toll receptors, appropriately shutting down the inflammatory immune response with friendly bacterial messaging.

             Germinated and fermented foods would ideally be part of every meal.  Fermented foods (as well as fresh vegetable juices, soaked seeds, nuts, beans and grains) are rich in nucleotides and mRNA messaging of abundance, creating gene expression of energetic rapid firm repair.




Steven N. Green, DDS, 10261 SW 72 St., #106, Miami, FL 33173, 305-273-7779, September 23, 2008