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Holistic Family Dentistry

Steven N. Green, DDS


The Dental Face Lift

The dental face lift is used to regain a youthful face, correct a ‘clicking’ jaw joint (TMJ), grow a jaw that has never fully developed, or restore a worn-down, collapsed bite. When the vertical dimension of the jaw increases, we increase the proportion of the lower third of the face; and lips often become fuller and lines in the face diminish. Jaw tension and headaches can fade away. Breathing and posture typically improves.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is seen as a reversible disease with underlying mechanisms similar to cysts, flab, cellulite, mood swings, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Changing dietary patterns and taking nutritional supplements can positively impact these genetic predispositions.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Periodontal Disease

We believe that periodontal disease is a local inflammatory autoimmune condition that requires not only dental care, but also nutritional support. Inflammation of the barrier tissues supporting the teeth is also a risk factor for life-threatening disease, and is an important warning sign that balanced immune system response is out of control. Plaque formation is not viewed as an indicator of poor cleansing habits, but rather, as an indicator of failed cellular immunity. Chairside microscopic analysis of plaque quickly defines a patient’s immunological status proactively.

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry

A beautiful smile enhances one’s confidence and self-esteem. Our cosmetic and reconstructive services can help you regain the energetic smile you had in your twenties. We repair broken teeth using the latest biocompatible composite fillings, laminates, and crowns. To replace broken or missing teeth, caps, crowns and bridgework with natural appearance are made with predictably premium materials in fine laboratories located in the United States. Modern dentistry enables you to return to the “look” of your “youth.”

Amalgam Removal

We do not use amalgam, mercury, in the practice. Patients are referred to the office for amalgam removal and toxicology monitoring. We follow OSHA standards, treating amalgam as a toxic material. Care is given to ensure that appropriate precautions are taken so that patients and staff are not recontaminated with mercury as it is removed.

TMJ/Facial Pain/Headache/Migraine

We diagnose and treat acute facial pain from trauma. We treat headache and migraine, chronic pain and dysfunctional syndromes of the head and neck. We prescribe dental appliances to reduce snoring and sleep apnea and to support weight loss. TMJ appliances, bruxism appliances, and night guards are also provided. Bonding techniques can create instant, comfortable, invisible appliance therapies.


We offer our dental patients prenatal counseling, emphasizing vitamins and minerals for a healthy pregnancy. We use nutritional remedies for nausea and morning sickness. Periodontal disease during a woman’s pregnancy is now known to be a risk factor associated with low birth weight in infants. We emphasize breast feeding, if possible, and staged first solid feedings.

Early Childhood Experiences

Children as young as three years old are regularly treated in our office. Typical dental services provided include growth and development checks, sealants, and protective mouth guards. We do not promote the use of fluoride. We use nutritional and supplemental remedies for allergies, “tooth-grinding,” earaches and sinusitis. We offer nutritional counseling to boost the immune systems of all children, especially those with special needs. We encourage the use of Xylitol, a beneficial sugar, as a substitute for refined sugar. As a father and a grandfather, Dr. Green is aware of and has had success in meeting children’s needs.

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